How To Lose Weight Fast And Safely

You won’t find any shortcut to fat loss in this book. Because once you face unexpected challenges and obstacles in life, it’s game over.

Instead, by taking the time to properly educate yourself on food nutrition and fitness, you’ll be much better able to control your health and get fit.

In the book, ‘How To Lose Weight Fast And Safely”, Jason shares with you how to simplify the way you eat and his nutritional strategies that helps you burn fat once and for all. This is a nutrition and fitness guide for men and women who generally want to improve their diet, overall health, and lose these stubborn body fat.

topics Covered


How your thoughts affect your health.


You are what you eat.


Build muscles without hurting yourself.

Get Control

Live your life while burning fat.

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Author spotlight

He is a personal trainer and a nutritionist with two bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Health of Nutrition Services.

He was never happy with his life until he began his fitness journey in 2015. During this process, he improved his life completely and he realized many Deaf people don’t have access to health and fitness information. He continues to make educational videos on Facebook for the Deaf community.

Jason Hoang